Sunday, December 1, 2013

Candle Wax Cock Dipping

What do you think you can do with a dripping candle?  So many uses but one in particular that I love and it makes me totally hard!  I know if you try this kinky fun with your lover you will totally turn things up a few degrees!

One of my little lovers did this for me and how can this not turn you on?  I have so many uses not only for a dripping candle but a taper candle up the old rusty pipe!
Doesn't this look delicious!  Show me what you can do for me and I will show you so many wonderful things to play with that you have right in your own home!
Let's play
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Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Art of Cock Worship

If you have never worshiped a beautiful cock then you need to throw your hat in the ring and try it out!  You really need to be in tune with your body and mind to totally feel fulfilled in every aspect of worship.  One time doesn't make you a pro.  This is something you devote time to.  Even if you can't do this 24/7 with someone because we all live outside the lifestyle with jobs or other important engagements in life.  You need to tell that cock that has taken your body and mind over, that you care deeply for it.  Sending a simple email, text or phone call in this information age.  Simple things you can do through out the day while devoting time to your current life and that cock that is the apple of your eye.

Simple things to say:
My body and mind are yours
Your cock is beautiful
I love feeling it in my mouth
I love exploring your shaft with my mouth
My mouth is yours to do whatever you see fit
Sucking you is the best part of my day
I love sipping on your pre cum
Your pre cum is like chapstick
I need to be wrapped around your cock

The possibilities are endless in the art of cock worship.  Cocks are beautiful and so is the mouth wrapped tightly around that bold and beautiful cock.  Worship the cock with everything in your body.  It is your life line that keeps you breathing.  Devotion is the name of the game.  Love it and be one with the cock.  I want you to think long and hard about what is so important about pleasing a cock.  You know what feels good......give that to your cock of worship.  Give your strength and devotion over to that wonderful shaft.

Get down and bow your head to the cock.  Kneeling open your mouth wide and accept whatever the cock gives you.  Stretching your lips and accepting everything that it has to offer your throat and mouth.  Be grateful you have a cock to please.

Show me what your mouth, mind and body have to offer TS CoraKink


Monday, October 21, 2013

Rising Temperatures bring your cock to life!

Even the weather man has a boner in the heat!  That's how I feel every morning with the heat of my sheets rubbing on my cock!  Morning wood is the best feeling and releasing your cum from deep inside your balls is nothing like it.  That morning jerk off session or if you have a place to burrow your cock into its wonderful.  It almost feels like having your prostate milked!  

It's standing on end.....boing even trying to name all the teachers you had in school will not make that monster back down.  You try everything to just go back to sleep but.....your other brain has something else in store.  So you grab a hold of that beast under the sheets and that first touch is magical even for a wizard.The tingling sensation when you first walk on the moon of your cock, lol!  It sends shivers up through your spine and your asshole puckers.  Oh you want to feel that release but then again you want to save it for a few more strokes.  Can you keep it, you try like hell and the pressure builds and your balls tighten so much you feel like you have rocks down there and here it comes here it comes..........your hips are moving and you close your eyes, bite that bottom lip and you are seeing fucking stars and stripes like the American flag.  OMG you almost busted your nuts all over your expensive thread count sheets.  But instead you cock exploded like a flare in a bad car accident.  The sticky cum just kept shooting out of your honey stick.  OMG you are out of fucking breathe and you lay back on the bed and rest a minute to gain back your strength.  Because that load came from down under and it was amazing.  Now you can start your day!

Corakink always loves a good explosion even if it gets on my sheets!  It makes it well worth it!

Let me help you with that Morning Wood!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Entering The Fetish of Burusera

Burusera is the Japanese equivalent of a “panty fetish.” Men with Burusera style sex fetishes enjoy smelling, touching, masturbating with and even licking a girl’s used panties. This type of kinky sex was so prevalent in Japan at one time, that many Burusera shops existed to cater to clientele that wanted to purchase used panties and swimwear for sexual pleasure. Unfortunately, many more young girls were targeted as providers of used panties than those over the age of 18, so many Burusera shops were shut down and laws were passed to keep young girls from selling their panties to individuals or shops.

So do you have a "Panty Fetish"?  Do you like the smell of used panties?  Tasting them and rubbing your cock on them while you jerk that magic stick of yours?  Rubbing panties on yourself or even putting them on to get your sexual fix is totally common.  It indeed is very a turn on!  Is it the material of the panties that you crave?

At one point in Japan they had vending machines dispensing panties of school girls.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Burusera (ブルセラ) is a Japanese coined word from burumā (ブルマー ?) means bloomers as bottoms of gym suits and sērā-fuku (セーラー服 ?) means sailor suit as Japanese school uniforms for schoolgirls, the term burusera-shop is listed in the Japanese dictionaries like as Daijisen (大辞泉 ?).

There are may sites that are just for the art of Burusera check this out Burusera Porn Links it will give you some instant porn movies to watch.  If you are really thinking about trying new fetishes this is a must have on your bucket list of Fetish!

I will tell you this that smelling girls panties that you feel of an age you are comfortable with is okay.  If your comfort level is okay then go for it.  I am not here to judge I am just here to open up your eyes to the special and very Kinky fetishes that are out there in this wonderful world.  Smelling even a woman's panties after they have been worn all day or worn for a workout.  The musty smell that a woman gets just makes me get very excited indeed!!  You won't be able to keep yourself from licking them either.  Something happens when you smell the sweet essence of a woman you must taste it and have it.  Quench that craving you must.

If you have any questions or need help guiding yourself into a the perfect Burusera fantasy I am always here to help you.  I have panties of my own that you can smell, scratch and sniff into the fantasy of your dreams!


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Monday, September 9, 2013

Finding the right butt plug

I have so many people tell me hey I just bought a 8 inch dildo for my ass!!  OMG don't do that you crazy MoFo!  You are gonna rip that shit so bad!  You need to ease your ass slowly open to rip it the first chance you get.  Anal pleasure needs to feel good not to rip yourself up the first chance you get.......I get the whole pain and pleasure of BDSM but not in this case.

Getting to the point of the big dildo or vibrator takes practice!  Practice makes perfect, so with that being really need to start with some butt plugs ranging in size and wearing them for a couple of hours at a time.  You need to gently work that anal area with remember tons of fucking lube!  Good lord don't forget the lube please will regret ever doing this!

But in all honesty start small and work up to that grand old size of huge in that ass!  But if you are looking to have an all our assault on your ass by all means rape it and rip it!

Start out small and work your way up, listen to me or you will be sorry!!


Friday, September 6, 2013

The Fetish Of Trampling

The Art Of Trampling

These boots are made for they aren't!!

Wow there are so many variations of this!  Like I always say the possibilities are fucking endless!!  Come and let's take that ride down kinky lane!

So many different ways to trample someone, let's start with the feet, do you want sweaty or sticky?  Two girls or one girl or a real gang bang of girls feet all trampling you?

Smothering your face with the ass trample?  Are you up for some face sitting?  Or my ass grinding into your back?

What about angry trampling?  Nothing says I love you like that hate fucking trample, get those endorphins raging!

Do you want my shoes to do the walking while I walk them over you on the back?  Do you want them on your back or your front?

So many ways to satisfy that urge and that inner kink!  Never worry about what people are going to think!  It's your life you need to find that perfect partner to share your thoughts with and your inner kinkings!

Watch that, this is the high heel trample!!

Let me help you and guide you to the right trample technique for you and your partner!


Monday, September 2, 2013

History Of Fetish

I am the How to Lady if you will at the Kingdom!  I love to explore and see what is out there in the way of naughty fetishes!  There are so many and if there are any you would like to explore more, please by all means contact me!  I love to be the teacher, since it is back to school time!

An apple a day won't keep my cock away is what I always say!!

So let's talk about the history of Fetishes to help you out

The word fetish originally meant "charm," and it originates from around the 15th century Portuguese word feitico , which means false power, object or charm.  You sometimes hear people say I have such a "Fetish" with something whether it's food or a certain perfume, etc.

To the Portuguese in those days, the fetishists were those who worshiped the unusual. Later on, however, the word took on a whole different meaning.

First, a fetish involves the transfer of power from an original source onto a substitute. Second, a fetishist is someone who operates outside the circle of what is characteristically considered normal. Yeah right, what is normal nowadays?

There are many diverse kinds of fetishes, depending on the object being fetishized. Inanimate fetishes come in three varieties -- media, form and animate.
In a media fetish, material is what is obsessed over. Media fetishes include rubber, leather, latex, and silk.
With a form fetish, it's the shape of the object that has great significance. Stiletto heels, knee-high boots and lingerie fall into this category.

Feet, hair, butts, breasts, and all that good stuff are also considered fetishes, but since these objects are human, they're called "animate" fetishes.

People can turn anything into a fetish. There are different degrees of fetishism that go from mild to extreme. It's quite easy to tell whether your fetish is getting out of hand.  Way back when people would think you were crazy to even dabble in said things.  People would always hide there true feelings and keep that locked away!  Don't keep it locked away explore that inner kink that we all have!!  

The possibilities are endless!!